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BUILD YOUR OWN HOME with High Performance House Kits !


Kokoon Homes offers soy foam insulated steel-framed kit homes designed and made in the United States that can be built with no crane. Not a home builder? No problem! Most of our customers have the skills needed to build their own Kokoon. Kokoon Homes can help you to quickly complete any construction project, from cozy hunting cabins to energy-efficient L.E.E.D.-certified Platinum Level homes. All products are easy to carry, transport, ship and assemble, and are energy efficient and affordable. All products also use recycled steel and soy-based foam insulation.


Site is under development – check back often for new information


Assembly and Construction

Our home kits use steel-framed structural insulated panels (“SIPs”) that assemble quickly and easily without the need for a crane. Using our insulated building panel system, a typical 1,800 square foot home can be assembled on a pre-existing foundation, ready to finish out in as little as five days with a crew of five. All building envelopes are sealed with an eco-friendly, soy based, high-R value, closed-cell foam insulation that can effectively reduce electrical costs and that has a Class 1 fire rating.


National shipping within the U.S.A. and international container shipping is available. Contact us for details.


 The contents of this trailer = the walls and windows of a 2000 sq. ft. house !


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                View More of the Prairie W


2 panels to go- georgia Kokoon sips






Kokoon Homes is moving into our new factory in Toccoa, Georgia in July. Announcement for you to participate in the American Dream and own your own business – Dealerships for Kokoon Kompak THOW available soon.

‘Facts’- ory 100,000 sq. ft., 37 acres, 450 foot assembly line for Tiny House On Wheels.


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